Mototourism-Rally 2013

On August, 24-25 the 3-rd Mototourism Rally in Lithuania was held. Mototourism Rally is a team adventure game-trip where the participants travel on their motorbikes across Lithuania, visit certain sights and get points for completing certain tasks the organizers provide. The tasks deal with Lithuanian nature, history, architecture and ethnographic heritage, they let both local and foreign participants get to know Lithuania better and have a great time. The team which scores the most point wins.
Mototourism Rally is organized by Tourism Commission of Lithuanian Motorsport Federation (LMSF).
Theme of this Mototourims Rally were viewing platforms and towers. The pasrticipants had to find the certain towers and make photos on the top of them.
14 teams took part in the game. Team Kelelis Tolimas (A Long Way) won scoring 1500 points, traditional guests from Estonia team RRRC gathered 1350 points and took 4th place.
More about Mototourism Rally:

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